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We aspire to travel around the world, to see beautiful scenery, breathe natural fresh air, try different cuisines, and experience new cultures. Travel is supposed to be a wonderful, romantic, and memorable activity. However, people often get rushed in their itinerary to meet tight schedules, spending too much time on road and much less time in seeing and enjoying the beautiful sights, all in a superficial and cursory manner. As a result, travel often becomes a painful and overall exhausting experience.

We have carefully designed this special tour package – Taiwan Healthy and Happy 7-Day/10-Day Tours; focusing on leisure, recreation, and health. This tour takes full advantage of Taiwan’s world-class health care system by including  a comprehensive physical examination for you at no extra cost. You will return from your trip feeling rejuvenated, relaxed, and fully informed about your health.

In addition we offer comprehensive tour packages around the world including many well-known cruise lines and tour/travel companies.

We also help you to find the cheapest international flights – best suit for your itinerary.

We not only offer sales, we also offer post-sales assistance. If there is any alerts or schedule changes we will be the first to send you notification. Plus more if you need further assistance, please ask and we will be very happy to help you.

You can always reach us at 510-972-9018 or email us :

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