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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we extend the trip?

Yes, you can extend in the beginning or end of the trip with extra cost, please call me at 510-972-9018, we can discuss in details.

Do you offer private tour?

Yes, you can have private tour we will design for you based on your need and schedule, please keep in mind that to have best cost effective tour, we strong recommend to have 8 people as a group, but it can be from 2 to 8 people. Please call me at 510-972-9018, we can discuss in details.

How much charge if I am solo traveler?

all prices are based on double occupancy, so for sole traveler, please add $350 or more, please call me at 510-972-9018 for details.

What is the price for land only, I will buy my own air tickets?

Please call 510-972-9018 for details

Is this trip suitable for me/此行程適合我參加嗎?

* There is no age requirement to participate in the tour; however, to ensure a relaxing trip for all participants, we kindly request that no children under 2 years of age join
* Due to limited ADA access at some tour sites, those that require wheelchair accommodations may not be able to participate in all sightseeing destinations

* 此行程無年齡限制,但為品質考量,恕不接受2歲以下小孩報名。
* 因輪椅通道設施有限,使用輪椅的貴賓可能需放棄部分景點,到指定地點和團體會合。


* Passport must not expire within 6 months of return date and must have at least 2 blank pages for visas
* Please bring all documents provided during registration to avoid any miscommunications with related reservations
* Recommend that you bring a photocopy of your passport with you and leave another copy with a trusted person in case of emergency

* 護照須有行程結束後6個月以上的效期,及至少2頁標有「Visas」的空白頁。
* 出行時請務必攜帶報名時提供的證件,避免影響行程中的相關預訂。
* 建議凖備二份護照影印本,一份隨身攜帶,一份另置,以備不時之需。

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is included in the price, please call me to find out more details

Safty Concerns/有什麼安全考量需要注意的?

* As with travel to any destination, safety is always a priority. We will be closely following all news and information related to our tour destinations
* If our itinerary is disrupted due to natural disasters or events out of our control, we will make real time adjustments based on the situation

* 無論到任何地方旅行,安全是首要考量,我們會密切關注每個目的地安全信息。
* 若受天候等不可抗力因素影響而有安全性之疑慮時,我們將會依實際狀況適度調整行程。

Hotel Accommodation/住宿情況是什麼?

* All accommodations are based on double occupancy. If you have a special request for accommodations (i.e. single occupancy, triple occupancy), please let your agent know in advance
* Taiwan hotels do not have standard triple occupancy rooms. If the need arises, special accommodations will be based on hotel availability
* If circumstances out of our control requires a change in hotel accommodations, we will do our best to find a comparable hotel

* 全程酒店皆以雙床房(Twin Room)安排,若有特殊需求,如:一大床房(DBL Room)或三人房(Triple Room),請提前告知超值旅遊客服。
* 台灣的酒店皆無正式三人房,若有需求時,將依各酒店現有設備做特殊安排。詳情請參考「住宿酒店」資料。
* 由於不可預見的情況導致需要更改旅館時,我們會盡力妥善安排入住同等級的旅館。

Food requirement/如果我有特殊飲食?

* If you have special dietary needs, please let us know in advance and we will do our best to accommodate. However, due to limited options, we unfortunately cannot provide Kosher or Halal meals

* 特殊飲食需求,請提前告知,我們將盡最大努力為您安排。但因食材有限,請恕無法提供猶太教或清真飲食等。


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